The Epicenter of Webster County

Marshfield, Missouri is a small town with abundant opportunities for big manufacturing. We cultivate our economy to provide resources for the next major manufacturing project for the Ozarks. Our eight steering committees work tirelessly towards goals in business development, community engagement, community health, beautification, and leadership. Because of this, Marshfield is filled with the most passionate townspeople who have a history of lending a helping hand to businesses, new and established.


Vision 20/20

We have been working on an eight project series called Vision 20/20. Marshfield will complete all projects by the year 2020. We are actively executing highway expansions, industrial park building, and adding a pool and family activity complex.

The I-44 Interchange is well on its way to completion, with a deadline of 12/31/2020. The roundabouts will feature beautiful plant landscaping and as a result, will make the entrance and exit from Marshfield and I-44 flawless and smooth. As a result, Marshfield will continue to grow not only as a community but as a major business command post for Webster County.

Only in Marshfield

Our traditional cherry blossom festival! The Missouri Cherry Blossom Festival brings people from all over the country to experience this one of a kind event. Because of that, we have events all weekend honoring the community and the guests that come. If the largest cherry blossom festival west of the Mississippi doesn’t tempt you, our year-round town spirit will draw you in! We are the home of Edwin Hubble and the intersection of Route 66 and the TransAmerica Bike Route. What better way to connect innovation and Americana?


Marshfield Highlights

Marshfield Incentives

Technical Support

  • Landlord assistance for in-fill/remodel work ($5,000) OR deferred lease payments for six months ($3,400/month)
  • IT assistance at a decreased rate as provided by Liberty Technical Solutions ($2,700)
  • Micro-Finance loan options up to $5,000 on approval
  • Conventional financing options for consideration from BOB Financial
  • HVAC install/repair/consult services as needed ($650 max)
  • SCORE business mentorship provided by Marshfield SCORE office

Networking and Promotion

  • 1 year complimentary membership to Marshfield Chamber of Commerce
  • Marketing and branding assistance at a decreased rate provided by Mindsquall (TBD)
  • Legal assistance/advice for 2 hours billed time ($500 max)

Community Support

  • Internship assistance provided by GRO Marshfield

Potential Business Solicited

  • Climate Controlled Storage
  • Frozen Yogurt Store
  • Financial Advisor
  • Motorcycle, Lawnmower, ATV sales
  • Bank

Marshfield Available Locations

941 E Hubble Drive Marshfield, MO 65706

Take Me Here

Contact the Marshfield Create Here Lead

Chan Crooker

Phone number: (417) 238-2501