Here in Marshfield, MO we have a very unique cross-section of Americana. Our town is home to the only intersection of Route 66 and the TransAmerica Bike Trail (also called Route 76). We are the only spot in the country that has this intersection and the opportunity to meet all the people who travel through here. But, what is the Transamerica Bike Route?

In 1976, the founders created the bike path for America’s 200th birthday, calling it the Bikecentennial. Today, this path crosses the country to see sights like Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton, and Mammoth Cave National Park to name a few. It ends in the beautiful Chesapeake Bay, where you can enjoy Virginia’s beaches and national monuments, such as Arlington National Cemetery.  

In Marshfield, during the summer months, it is not uncommon to walk into Smokey J’s Pizza and run into a cyclist from Germany or Switzerland who is braving this once in a lifetime TransAmerica Trail. Riders are looking to experience these small towns and feel the charm of the areas they visit. Marshfield residents love to hear the stories of all the different people coming through the community. Some people ride the trail for loved ones they have lost. Some people want to explore the country. Heck, some people just really love to bike!

The residents will tell stories of their own, like how our town played a part in the Civil War and how Edwin Hubble was once a resident. This welcoming atmosphere is something that the midwest is famous for. But we take pride in truly being the embodiment of hospitality. Between Route 66 and the TransAmerica Trail, Marshfield brings in folks from far and wide. With all this diversity, we maintain a cozy small town feel.