Create Here Overview


About The Program

Create Here is a program that has been developed to help current business owners and striving entrepreneurs. This program eases the work each business owner has to do to launch their next venture. There are four participating communities: Sarcoxie, Aurora, Marshfield, and Buffalo. Each community has developed a streamlined process to help attract new ventures to town. The four communities have been working for several years in an economic development program called Growth In the Rural Ozarks (GRO). Now the communities are ready to have you join us.

Program Details

Each community has identified a series of incentives and support services that they can provide to help ease the initial cost and effort of launching a new venture.  The details of the local incentives can be found on the webpage of each community: Aurora, Buffalo, Sarcoxie, Marshfield.

Interested parties are invited to contact local representatives. These details too can be found on the local town pages.  For those individuals who are interested in visiting the community, the community has set aside dates when you are able to visit.


Program Schedule

  • May 18th: Community Visit
  • June 15th: Community Visit
  • June 30th: Deadline for Create Here Program Applications
  • July 22nd: Preliminary Selection Results for the Create Here Application
  • August 10th: Invite-Only Business Pitch Competition.

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